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Would visitors to this website please note that it is now a fixed conduit to THE ORWELL SOCIETY and THE ORWELL PRIZE.

The Orwell Prize is the brilliant online guardian of George Orwell’s works and the rewarder of its annual prize-giving for those who have recently written in the style and message that Orwell would have supported.

The Orwell Society is being created for the purpose of bringing readers and students of George Orwell’s works together in the physical form of a traditional literary society which encourages communication between its members, and relays breaking news and the latest work published on this subject by men and women of the highest literary and political quality..

The Blair/Orwell Essays, accessed through Finlay Publisher and ORWELL DISCUSS, are presented to our readers in the hope that the fine quality of the articles will attract not only those who are addicted to Orwell’s work and history but also students who are presently studying him. There is so much to enlighten the reader, so much to challenge – so much to understand.

The Online Review Section and the Archive of previously published essays are available for study in the Essay Archive.

The Orwell Society was convened on the 19th April 2011. The website is under construction and will be online later this summer. This will be where the membership application form can be found, together with details of the convention and constitution. There will be a bi-annual newsletter and all activities concerning George Orwell listed with location and contact detail. We are linked with The Orwell Prize, The Orwell Archive, Facebook and other such sites.

Professor Peter Davison has written a comment on the short but fabulous life of this website. You will find it in REVIEW.

Essays by Sir Bernard Crick, Peter Davison, Gordon Bowker, Loraine Saunders, Douglas Kerr, DJ Taylor, Richard Blair, John Rodden, William Hunt, Peter Stansky, Ron Bateman, Steve Wadhams, Dominic Cavendish and Emma Larkin are located for study in The Orwell Essay Archive.

The Orwell Prize. For full details

The new, and long overdue, biography of James Joyce’s life by Gordon Bowker, published on the 30th May 2011 by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, is a book to be read from cover to cover. It might be thought that even the subject of James Joyce could be too complicated an issue to address within the few lines of a review, but Dr Bowker has encompassed the whole tangled thread of this great Irish writer’s joys and nightmares with economy, wit, and skill, combing fact and fiction into a smooth, rich and understandable skein which clarifies James Joyce’s impenetrable life with scholarly wisdom and polish.

James Joyce: A Biography
By Gordon Bowker
Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Price: £30 ISBN: 978 0 297 84803 5

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